In 2001, Kostüme fascinated the fashion world for the first time. The press and international buyers witnessed its debut in Buenos Aires Fashion Week. Its identity as a clothing brand arose with clear ideas, that later became dogma. It consists in functional clothing that creates a plain and self-sufficient image, with complex design that, however, flows with simplicity in the overall look. "Less is more" is also traduced in a restricted palette where the monochrome reigns, and contrasts with one or two colors that strategically outline the design. The chosen for the first season were the "all-time favorites" –black and grey, in all their shades- that, together with a shocking lemon-yellow, were linked to the road signs of big cities. In fact, urban clothing is its brand seal, and the city is attached to its identity. It is modern clothing, being minimalist and unadorned. With intelligent molding that makes the clothes fit with accuracy on each body. It flows, then takes off and frees the silhouette, and at the same time, it lends it a new form. This is because the clothes don´t tighten the skin, except in indispensable cases. The patterns are graphic or with optical effects, and they are always conceived by the creators of Kostüme, Camila Milessi and Emiliano Blanco. They design the product, the packaging, the overall image of the brand and they are also the commercial managers. They delegate, but they conduct. The permanent work sublimates the obsession, which becomes capacity and guaranteed results. Their store is located in the Argentinean fashion design epicenter: Palermo.
There is fidelity to the brand, fidelity from customers that grow along with it and later bring in their successors. This authentic reward from the customers is also reflected in the professional prizes received, such as the Total Look on Runway, L'Oréal Paris award, due to their BAFWEEK show in august 2008. This international recognition appreciated the integration of all the necessary elements for an unforgettable show: clothing, make-up, hair-styling and staging. Kostüme was voted as Best Clothing Collection 2005 in the Puro Diseño fair and twice nominated by the Cámara Argentina de la Moda for the Silver Scissor award. Its trend-setting grows as time goes by, and it constantly gets away from momentary fashion. Its style is timeless because of its original design and noble fabrics. It is a purist, unique, wearable, elegant and daring style. It offers unisex clothing and clothes exclusive for each sex as well.
Kostüme is essentially inspired in art: pictorial tradition, cubism, abstraction, decorative art forms such as Bauhaus and Art Deco, and film directors such as Fritz Lang, Friedrich Murneau, Jean-Luc Godard, Stanley Kubrick, Wong Kar Wai and Ridley Scott. Kostüme´s research broadened into footwear design, bonding with Pony and Topper, and explored the denim potential in a luxury collection for Santana Textiles. In Latin America, Kostüme participated in the Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAFWEEK) since its first edition, and also had sows in Asunción and Santiago de Chile. Its clothing was exhibited in fairs like Rooms Tokyo and Premium Exhibition Berlin. Milessi and Blanco don´t speak German but their choice for naming their brand was a German word: Kostüme. This name, translated as "clothing, dress", was the accurate concept that represented their creative freedom out of which every typology was designed throughout all this time. On top of this, they liked the sound of it, and they read it over and over again in the old Burda magazines they collected. They worship the German capital city, to which they always turn to because of its cultural wealth. But they are both authentically Argentinean, with Italian and Spanish features. Anyway, there is no denying they have a Saxon gesture in developing their particular duty: creating style.
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